Where did this idea come from?

The original Art in the Alley concept came from Jack White of Jack White Land Co. The first mural was created by Jeanne Jesse an artist local to Daytona Beach. Through the approval of the  Downtown Redevelopment Board the first version of Art in the Alley was created.

Why in Downtown Daytona Beach?

Downtown Daytona Beach truly is an area with a lot to offer! However one of the major things that we think our town is lacking is an ‘arts scene’. As Downtown is growing, we want to be able to support artists and bring our community together and we plan on doing that with Art in the Alley.


Will the event get bigger in the future?

There are around 9 alleyways in downtown that we would love to reinvigorate through the use of street art. Through the support and engagement of the community Art in the Alley will have the opportunity to turn into a quarterly event.  


How can I be featured in the next Art in the Alley event?

We are looking for muralists and artists to show off their talents at our ongoing Art in the Alley events. Fill out our forms under the ‘Artists’ tab and link us your portfolios based on what you would like to do!


How can I contribute to Art in the Alley?

The most beneficial way to contribute to Art in the Alley would be through sponsoring us. We offer a variety of sponsorship levels and quantities!

You can also help contribute to the movement by sharing our information on social media! You can find us on facebook and instagram: @artinthealleydaytona


What is your email address?

Our email is info@artinthealleydaytona.com